Dungeon Drunks

Dungeon Drunks Ep 102 Companion Adventure

January 21, 2018

Jack takes control as DM in this special episode featuring the adventures of the Animal Companions! Join Bux, Shadow, Cocosnoot, and a surprising new friend as they are teleported to a strange land and uncover a dangerous plot that threatens their friends!

Special thanks to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms for the free Gold Chest we give away in this episode! http://www.codenameentertainment.com

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Dungeon Master: Lauren Urban (Twitter: @OboeCrazy)
Burnice Q. Burns: Julia Rogers (Twitter: @Guilia_Rossa)
Quarlton Tanks: John Sedlack (Twitter: @that_film_guy IG: @that_film_guy)
Jonathan The MagiMuscular: Jonathan Serna (Twitter: @road_block, IG: @roadblockactual)
Travancore, Viceroy of Glen Mawr: Jack Edathil (Twitter: @jackedathil; IG: @jackisglib)

Art by Luke McKay (http://www.lukemckay.com), music by Linnea Boyev (http://taichiknees.com) with oboe performance by Lauren (OboeCrazy) Urban (http://www.oboecrazy.com), and Dungeons & Dragons 5e system by Wizards of the Coast (http://dnd.wizards.com).