Dungeon Drunks

Dungeon Drunks Ep 140 Podcasts of Waterdeep

October 28, 2018

This is our Podcasts of Waterdeep episode, both part of our game canon and episode 6 of the amazing event! Our episode stands alone, but check out the Dungeon Delve feed to hear all 10 episodes and all the other amazing podcasts involved. The Heralds of Greenest are joined by some special guests to investigate the appearance of a powerful and dangerous wizard in Waterdeep!

Thank you to Kyle Vogt ( twitter.com/kylevogt ) and Anna ( twitter.com/anabphoto ) for joining us on this adventure, and thank you Wizards of the Coast for sponsoring this whole Podcasts of Waterdeep adventure! Find out more about the whole event at http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/events/podcasts-waterdeep 

Special thanks to Polymorph Crafts for sponsoring this episode (https://polymorphcrafts.com/) and to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms for the free Gold Chest! (http://www.codenameentertainment.com)

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Dungeon Master: Lauren Urban (Twitter: @OboeCrazy
Burnice Q. Burns: Julia Rogers (Twitter: @Guilia_Rossa
Quarlton Tanks: John Sedlack (Twitter: @that_film_guy IG: @that_film_guy
Jonathan The MagiMuscular: Jonathan Serna (Twitter: @road_block, IG: @roadblockactual
Travancore: Jack Edathil (Twitter: @jackedathil; IG: @jackisglib) 

Art by Luke McKay (http://www.lukemckay.com), music by Linnea Boyev (http://taichiknees.com) with oboe performance by Lauren (OboeCrazy) Urban (http://www.oboecrazy.com), and Dungeons & Dragons 5e system by Wizards of the Coast (http://dnd.wizards.com).